Christian Aid – Give Star Emergency Appeal

Last week Christian Aid launched an urgent Global Hunger Appeal to raise funds for our global neighbours facing the very real threat of starvation. We are asking all churches to hold a collection if they can.  This will enable our local partners to provide access to clean water, food, seeds and tools to support food production and malnutrition.

We are working in partnership with GiveStar (previously known as TapSimple) to help churches to respond quickly to this appeal. GiveStar is a cashless giving platform that allows you to raise money online through giving pages or through contactless devices that you can sign up for.

To help, if you are able to hold a collection, we have created Kingcase Parish Church it’s very own GiveStar online giving page in support of this appeal. You can find your page by following this link

Kingcase Parish Church‘s page is set up and ready to go. 

From your online giving page you will be able to see the total you have raised and there’s no admin for you to do! All the money you raise, and gift-aid permissions, go directly to Christian Aid. Even better, there is no cost to Christian Aid when people donate using your GiveStar page. This will enable our local partners to provide access to clean water, food, seeds and tools to support food production and malnutrition.

Families facing extreme hunger urgently need our support.

If you would like to find out more about our Global Hunger Appeal click here

Please let me if there is any questions you may or any changes you’d like making to your giving page. If you would like to find out more information about contactless devices or GiveStar please let me know.

With every blessing.

 Adam Kealey

Central Supporter Engagement Coordinator, Christian Aid

General Assembly 2021: Special Supplement

Life and Work has released a FREE four-page summary of the main decisions, debates and speeches from last week’s General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

It is available HERE to view on our website or full link General Assembly 2021: Special Supplement – Life and Work. Please feel free to share.

You can read the magazine’s full coverage of the General Assembly in the July issue of Life and Work, available from the 18 June. If you do not receive a copy of Life and Work each month, you can purchase a single print or digital copy via our website

We trust you find this information to be useful.

Best wishes

Life and Work Team

News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 – October 2020

It has been a very busy time since I last wrote for the church web site. Those anxious questions we had to answer re the school and volunteers and funds have been answered and we have also coped with risk assessment, presbytery enquiries and visits to Monkton and Prestwick North Church hall by the Blood Transfusion Service and 2 Flu Vaccination Clinics.

Risk assessment is part of all of our lives now a days. Our individual decisions to keep ourselves and others close to us safe affects all our actions. We have been helped by Nora Solesbury at MPN church to prepare risk assessment for all our actions, as to procedures in church halls and food handling, for MPN Kirk Session. Risk Assessment was also paramount as we planned how we could accede to Mrs McAvoy’s request that food bank volunteers came back to the school. We restarted on the 28th of September continuing to offer fresh food that we had maintained since March, bread, milk, eggs spread, apples bananas and potatoes. Of course everything is different. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the school and we must wait till children are in school before we get access to a special room this means families must come back to get their parcels. It has reminded us of the early days of the food hub at the school when we had to learn how fragile families find change very difficult to manage. We will continue to work closely with Mrs McAvoy to make this a success. Mrs McAvoy’s exceptional work within the community of Newton Primary School has been recognized in the recent Honour List with an MBE.

Happily volunteers have returned to us and we have re -established delivery rotas for the hostels and picking up food from Sainsbury’s. The women’s refuge has closed for refurbishment and will not open till March 2021.Pickup of unsold food from Greggs AlisonSt also continues.

We applied and received £500 from TESCO BAGS OF HELP and we have the promise of a 2nd donation from the J M A TRUST in December. I wish to thank all members for their continued help and as church has restarted for the bags of groceries in the green box!

We feel we have been blessed as we faced these challenges and ask that you continue to pray for the work that we do in Christ’s name, for the individuals and families we help with, your help.

Contact us using the following email: if you require further information.


Impact Report 2019 – 20

As you will be aware, our frontline work is always our priority and as part of our response to the impact of COVID-19, we revised our 2020 communications plan to reduce publications and mailing costs.  One of the results is the launch of our interactive Impact Report which shares the personal stories of life-changing work supported by you and delivered on behalf of The Church of Scotland through CrossReach. Our ambition to reduce plastic and paper informed and shaped the first fully online CrossReach Impact Report 2019 – 20.

By going to on your smartphone, tablet/ ipad or laptop you will see joy-filled pictures of creativity and fun, read of life goals achieved and view the short video messages from those we serve and from those who serve others on the frontline of social care.

Together, members of the CrossReach Family have celebrated the 150th anniversary of regulated social care provision by the Church of Scotland, sewn wash bags for care workers to use during the pandemic, engaged with Guild talks about social isolation and loneliness and much, much more! 

Please take time to connect with this online resource.  It is our prayer that you will find it a source of encouragement that will inspire prayers of thanksgiving for the work done in Christ’s name.

Update on our first Congregational Worship 27 September 2020

Last Sunday, 27 September, was the first congregational services at Kingcase since being given permission by Ayr Presbytery to re-open for Worship.  I have added a couple of photographs showing the Sanctuary with social distance seating in place.  

The telephone booking system functioned well, with Elaine collating the attendees names and contact numbers for our Test and Trace duty station. It was then just a case of checking when the individual arrived and subsequently ticking them off the list.  The sheets are now secure within the office, where they will remain for 28 days prior to being destroyed. There were around 20 attendees at the first service, which for the first week was super. I believe there were around 15 at second service.  There was even the opportunity to welcome someone who had turned up without booking to attend, which was a blessing.

Can I take a this opportunity to remind us all, that as part of Church of Scotland guidelines/Risk Assessment we must keep entrance and exit areas within our Church boundaries clear of people congregating. 

We are all following the guidelines for the entrance corridor to within the Sanctuary of the Church, however on leaving the Church via vestry door please make your way straight out of the gate onto Waterloo Road, please do not congregate within the grounds or Church car park. 

I know it is very hard in practice to keep complying with all the rules we are currently living under, but it is only with your assistance we can ensure the health, safety and well being of our congregational members attending Church services.

Thank you all, and look forward to seeing you at one of the Sunday services.

Joint session clerk

Kingcase Church  

Kingcase Church re-opening for worship – 27 September 2020

Good News Kingcase Church re-opening for worship – Sunday 27 September 2020

Please note you will shortly receive a letter providing all the important information to ensure your safety when joining us here at Kingcase, for morning worship, on Sunday 27 September 2020.

Below is a short summary of points to note.

  • Due to Covid-19, our Church is quite different, our capacity has reduced, and we can only offer a limited number of seats, with the appropriate social distancing measures of 2 metres being in place.
  • We will offer 2 short morning services 9.45am and 11.15am.
  • We are encouraging you to telephone the Church office, 01292 470755 on a Thursday/Friday morning, and basically Book Your Seat

If we cannot accommodate you on that Sunday, you will be offered the following Sunday’s services. There really would be nothing worse than turning up on a Sunday morning and being informed that we are full and effectively turn you away, that would not be appropriate, and hopefully the system put in place above will alleviate that occurring.

  • When you join us, you will be required to wear a facemask, but please do not worry, if you forget your mask, we have a supply for you to access.
  • You will also require to follow the one-way entry/exit system, with appropriate social distancing at all times, again please do not worry, the signage is in place, and the Duty team members who will welcome you, will clearly explain each step. We will require to record your contact details; all we will ask for is your Name; telephone number or email address. This will be retained for a maximum period of 28 days. After that period, it will be destroyed.  Be assured Data protection guidelines will always be maintained.
  • The style of the Church service itself will be different for us all, there will be prayer and reflection, we will have music, but unfortunately, we are not allowed at this time to sing. I am sure you will however be able to hum along behind your facemask.
  • At the end of the Service you will be invited to leave the Church via the Vestry door, leading out to Waterloo Road, again remembering to adhere to the 2-metre social distance rule.

Do please remember to phone and book your seat.

If you have any further questions please email

Kingcase has missed you, and I am sure you have missed Kingcase.  

A warm welcome awaits.

Joyful Reconnection

The latest installment of Kathleen Bates’ Blog:-

Spring 2020 will long be remembered for the arrival of the corona virus.  Suddenly our lives all took a strange frightening new turn as the pandemic started to spread throughout the world.  Because we were forced to stay at home in ‘Lockdown’, our cars were left untouched outside our homes. 

See more at:-

News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 August 2020

This month is going to be a time of review. Covid necessitates continual review and change. Flexible approach to all the tasks and who will do them and where will we get the resources human and food to fulfill them. We all live with the understanding that the virus is not exhausted it is just waiting for an invitation to resurge. For those who have worked through lockdown, volunteered, looked after family or friends who are returning to work, the stresses have been and continue to be immense to keep the virus at bay and keep everyone safe.

Our immediate concerns are local schools returning and how we can continue to assist at Newton Primary School in a safe way. Our funds are depleting and we can no longer afford to have fresh items delivered directly to the school. Our furloughed volunteers will be back at work by September though I am delighted to say they wish to continue helping when they can. Mrs McAvoy is keen to keep the Food Bank operating in her school and she will meet with Trustees soon to discuss how, if, this can be done safely and with the more limited resources we will have going forward.

We are in touch or will be, with all our volunteers and know for most the situation has not changed regarding what they should/ should not be doing and hard as that is for many of our fit as a flea older team members it is health advice not to be ignored at this time.

Christ in Action continues to deliver to homeless families and individuals in hostels in charity secured tenancies, in the Women‘s Refuge, families in Newton area and referred families from other sources. We have restarted a pickup of unsold food from Alison St. Greggs much to the delight of hostel clients.  We do our best to honour our commitment to help our neighbours and we do it thanks to all who send us food and money to keep our shelves filled that we might share with those whose shelves are empty.

Please continue to support us through prayer for the work that is done in Christ’s name. Contact us using the following email: if you require further information.