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Kingcase Church re-opening for worship – 27 September 2020

Good News Kingcase Church re-opening for worship – Sunday 27 September 2020

Please note you will shortly receive a letter providing all the important information to ensure your safety when joining us here at Kingcase, for morning worship, on Sunday 27 September 2020.

Below is a short summary of points to note.

  • Due to Covid-19, our Church is quite different, our capacity has reduced, and we can only offer a limited number of seats, with the appropriate social distancing measures of 2 metres being in place.
  • We will offer 2 short morning services 9.45am and 11.15am.
  • We are encouraging you to telephone the Church office, 01292 470755 on a Thursday/Friday morning, and basically Book Your Seat

If we cannot accommodate you on that Sunday, you will be offered the following Sunday’s services. There really would be nothing worse than turning up on a Sunday morning and being informed that we are full and effectively turn you away, that would not be appropriate, and hopefully the system put in place above will alleviate that occurring.

  • When you join us, you will be required to wear a facemask, but please do not worry, if you forget your mask, we have a supply for you to access.
  • You will also require to follow the one-way entry/exit system, with appropriate social distancing at all times, again please do not worry, the signage is in place, and the Duty team members who will welcome you, will clearly explain each step. We will require to record your contact details; all we will ask for is your Name; telephone number or email address. This will be retained for a maximum period of 28 days. After that period, it will be destroyed.  Be assured Data protection guidelines will always be maintained.
  • The style of the Church service itself will be different for us all, there will be prayer and reflection, we will have music, but unfortunately, we are not allowed at this time to sing. I am sure you will however be able to hum along behind your facemask.
  • At the end of the Service you will be invited to leave the Church via the Vestry door, leading out to Waterloo Road, again remembering to adhere to the 2-metre social distance rule.

Do please remember to phone and book your seat.

If you have any further questions please email

Kingcase has missed you, and I am sure you have missed Kingcase.  

A warm welcome awaits.

Joyful Reconnection

The latest installment of Kathleen Bates’ Blog:-

Spring 2020 will long be remembered for the arrival of the corona virus.  Suddenly our lives all took a strange frightening new turn as the pandemic started to spread throughout the world.  Because we were forced to stay at home in ‘Lockdown’, our cars were left untouched outside our homes. 

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News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 August 2020

This month is going to be a time of review. Covid necessitates continual review and change. Flexible approach to all the tasks and who will do them and where will we get the resources human and food to fulfill them. We all live with the understanding that the virus is not exhausted it is just waiting for an invitation to resurge. For those who have worked through lockdown, volunteered, looked after family or friends who are returning to work, the stresses have been and continue to be immense to keep the virus at bay and keep everyone safe.

Our immediate concerns are local schools returning and how we can continue to assist at Newton Primary School in a safe way. Our funds are depleting and we can no longer afford to have fresh items delivered directly to the school. Our furloughed volunteers will be back at work by September though I am delighted to say they wish to continue helping when they can. Mrs McAvoy is keen to keep the Food Bank operating in her school and she will meet with Trustees soon to discuss how, if, this can be done safely and with the more limited resources we will have going forward.

We are in touch or will be, with all our volunteers and know for most the situation has not changed regarding what they should/ should not be doing and hard as that is for many of our fit as a flea older team members it is health advice not to be ignored at this time.

Christ in Action continues to deliver to homeless families and individuals in hostels in charity secured tenancies, in the Women‘s Refuge, families in Newton area and referred families from other sources. We have restarted a pickup of unsold food from Alison St. Greggs much to the delight of hostel clients.  We do our best to honour our commitment to help our neighbours and we do it thanks to all who send us food and money to keep our shelves filled that we might share with those whose shelves are empty.

Please continue to support us through prayer for the work that is done in Christ’s name. Contact us using the following email: if you require further information.


News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 July 2020

We are now almost half way through the food bank year and we must consider where we are and where we are going……

Where we are is more food in Monkton Prestwick North Church Hall than any of us have seen and a Bank Balance of £7134.00.

The food stock has come from our store at MPN combining the remnants of our stock from St James Church (stored there for convenience if the school needed stock) plus the residue from others as their projects come to a close. 10:10 scheme stock stored in Baptist Church (which provided thousands of lunches delivered in South Ayrshire) plus stock they had purchased for a shop whose lease was turned over to another by their landlord, was shared with numerous groups in and around this area. Much of this food came to all of us through Government and Council schemes. The charity Seascape who received funding to operate their own food bank during lockdown contacted us this week and we are uplifting their stock as their staff get back to manning their office. July is also our month for picking up from the boxes in Sainsbury’s. This has always been done within a very tight schedule.

Trustees are sure we will not carry high stock levels for long.

As we look to the future, in addition to our present commitments we hope to return to deliver to Seascape, the Blue Triangle and Secession House. Newton Primary school are looking forward to having us back in the school not just fresh deliveries as we do just now and Women’s Refuge contacted us and we have completed a first delivery there w/c 13th July.

Since April we have sent out 159 deliveries, includingto single parent family with 2 children and an elderly lady on her own, £190 of fresh food (eggs milk fruit /veg) every week to the school plus additional items as they needed them, NHS MENTAL HEALTH AND HOMELESS NURSE and we have donated food to Broken Chains and 10:10 when it was needed.

It has been amazing never quite knowing what the day will bring and how we will cope with the challenges. To everyone who has continued to donate, our grateful thanks, for we have had to buy essentials i.e. basic hygiene items, remember the toilet roll shortage, sugar, main meals and biscuits, plus of course our fresh food expenses. Our volunteers have done a marvelous job much appreciated by the staff and individuals who have received assistance from Christ in Action Food for their clients and themselves.

We look forward, knowing that we are reaching some neighbours in our community who need our help.

Please continue to support us through prayer for the work that is done in Christ’s name.

Contact us using the following email: if you require further information.



In response to the Covid 19 pandemic our church and buildings have remained closed since late March.

As at 30 June, the enforced closure, has resulted in a reduction in income of £12,500. This is due to the loss of freewill offering giving’s, donations, income for the use of our halls etc, and the cancellation of major fundraising events including our summer fete.

Unless the drop in income can be addressed the long-term prospects of our congregation are clearly under threat.

Kingcase Parish Church would be extremely grateful to receive financial support from members and adherents due to the restrictions currently in place.  

Regular giving’s or donations can be made securely by visiting: – please click on the ‘Donate’ button, select ‘Donate To A Congregation’ and type ‘Kingcase Church Prestwick Ayr’. 

Billy Phillips

Church Treasurer.

Who’s Calling

The latest installment of Kathleen Bates’ blog:

Like many other people in lockdown, I have been using the extra time at home to do some spring cleaning.  One day at the beginning of this month, I was up in the atticwhen I caught sight of a framed picture which, many years ago, I had hung on my classroom wall, in the hope of inspiring my pupils – and myself! 

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Guidance on the reopening of church Buildings

This guidance describes the practical aspects for reopening church buildings and the possible implications for worship. This guidance is designed to facilitate discussion, and support ministers and the relevant decision-making bodies at a local level as they consider how and when will be the best time for them to reopen their church buildings. The Scottish Government has not provided a definitive time line for when church buildings can reopen, however it is important that congregations take steps now to plan and prepare their church buildings, members of their congregation and volunteers for the reopening of their church buildings.

See updated document here.

Kingcase Parish Church – COVID 19 Update 19 June 2020

Many of you will be aware of the recent announcements by the Scottish government and so this update is let you know what is happening specifically about reopening our church, not only for worship, but also for funerals and marriage services. It is unlikely that we will be able to open our halls to previous regular users for some considerable time.

Before we can do anything we are obligated by the Church of Scotland to carry out a Risk Assessment process. That will clarify what is going to be possible within the social distancing measures, and will identify the hygiene and disinfecting practices that are going to have to be put in place to enable reopening. This is especially  important given the age profile of our congregation.

The Risk Assessment is based on a template provided by the Church of Scotland, and our Property Team supported by some of the Elders and others will have the responsibility of fulfilling this task. Once the Risk Assessment is complete it will be circulated to the members of the Session and they will decide based on that information what is going to be possible for us.

If the Kirk Session decides that the church can be reopened with various measures in place, then the next stage of the process is for us to seek the permission of the Presbytery of Ayr to reopen. That permission will only be given if we have been very thorough and produced a robust risk assessment.

Given all that is going to be involved, and the fact that many of our Property Team are shielding at the moment, it is likely to be nearer the Autumn before we are able to put everything in place.

News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 June 9th 2020

The work of the Christ in Action Food Bank continues during these extraordinary times and I think I am fortunate to have a justified reason for going out to work even if it is Covid cleaning church halls. I feel for those in our community who are in the “shielding group” but I know that those who need food, in this group are receiving help if required, from the government food boxes because some (not required by the individuals) has found its way to us to be redistributed. We have received food from South Ayrshire Council, customers in Sainsbury have been generous as have many individuals from our churches and friends of friends who have heard about the work we are doing. Our food stock is good and we have some funds in the bank. We thank everyone who has contributed to the food bank in the past two and a half months.

We visited the school today, well we parked in the school carpark and members of staff unloaded the tins of tomatoes, sardines, boxes of juice, UHT milk, pots of ambrosia desserts, pasta sauce, pasta not to forget a box of Curly Worley’s all items that will go into children’s lunch packs or into food parcels going out from Newton Primary School. The school is averaging 300/400 lunches per week and putting out over 100 food parcels per week. Christ in Action is suppling through Grant’s Fruiters milk, eggs and fruit to the school every week. We have seen a decline in requests from our local hostels. The Blue Triangle has been receiving food from 10:10 and Salvation Army.  Hostel numbers before lockdown were edging up to 20 per week we are at the moment down to around 8/10. NHS Mental Health, and NHS Nurse for Homeless have been using our services.

Our financial year ended on 31st of January and normally at this time I would be inviting you to join us at our Annual Meeting but that will not be the case this year. When If I can I will put the report online. I am grateful to Ian Steven for being our Financial Examiner and as he has signed of our financial statements our reports have been sent to OSCR.

Donations are still urgently needed, hygiene items toilet rolls soap toothbrushes toothpaste small bottles of shampoo, biscuits and sugar in particular and can be either dropped off at a specific address or picked up from your home, whichever is the easiest for you. Just contact us using the following email: – a mutually convenient time will be then be arranged.

Please take hope from our experience. We were concerned about volunteers, volunteers came. We were concerned about food, food came. As Trustees we pray for help and help comes. Please pray for us and our volunteers and all the people and children who receive the love of Christ through these actions in His name.