News from the Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 – October 2020

It has been a very busy time since I last wrote for the church web site. Those anxious questions we had to answer re the school and volunteers and funds have been answered and we have also coped with risk assessment, presbytery enquiries and visits to Monkton and Prestwick North Church hall by the Blood Transfusion Service and 2 Flu Vaccination Clinics.

Risk assessment is part of all of our lives now a days. Our individual decisions to keep ourselves and others close to us safe affects all our actions. We have been helped by Nora Solesbury at MPN church to prepare risk assessment for all our actions, as to procedures in church halls and food handling, for MPN Kirk Session. Risk Assessment was also paramount as we planned how we could accede to Mrs McAvoy’s request that food bank volunteers came back to the school. We restarted on the 28th of September continuing to offer fresh food that we had maintained since March, bread, milk, eggs spread, apples bananas and potatoes. Of course everything is different. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the school and we must wait till children are in school before we get access to a special room this means families must come back to get their parcels. It has reminded us of the early days of the food hub at the school when we had to learn how fragile families find change very difficult to manage. We will continue to work closely with Mrs McAvoy to make this a success. Mrs McAvoy’s exceptional work within the community of Newton Primary School has been recognized in the recent Honour List with an MBE.

Happily volunteers have returned to us and we have re -established delivery rotas for the hostels and picking up food from Sainsbury’s. The women’s refuge has closed for refurbishment and will not open till March 2021.Pickup of unsold food from Greggs AlisonSt also continues.

We applied and received £500 from TESCO BAGS OF HELP and we have the promise of a 2nd donation from the J M A TRUST in December. I wish to thank all members for their continued help and as church has restarted for the bags of groceries in the green box!

We feel we have been blessed as we faced these challenges and ask that you continue to pray for the work that we do in Christ’s name, for the individuals and families we help with, your help.

Contact us using the following email: if you require further information.