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Christ in Action Food Bank SCO45322 – Update during Covid-19

Our first challenge as lockdown descended on us was the age range of our volunteers. It was so very hard for our committed individuals to follow government instructions and trust that a way would be found to keep the work going. The second was to make the food storage areas safe places for volunteers to work. Replacement volunteers got in touch when they were unable to work, from St James Church and Monkton and Prestwick and we set to make food store safe and continue to support those in need. South Ayrshire Council have been in touch with us right from the start of lockdown enquiring if we needed volunteers and offering food.

We have established a second store at St James Church to continue our support but minimise contact, at Newton Primary School (which has remained open). The School staff can gain easy access to hall for ambient food items. We have, thanks to Grant’s of Prestwick delivery, been supplying fresh milk, eggs and fresh fruit and veg and the Tattie Shed near Troon has supplied sacks of tatties. During week commencing 20th April the school provided 355 lunches, 131 food parcels including 18 for Heathfield school and 5 for members of the community. We are so happy to be part of the team of agencies assisting in this area of need in our community. We have continued to support the homeless hostels in Ayr and Troon supplying almost the same items as usual. Demand has dropped as I write this, to average 8 per week.

Please pray for wisdom for the Trustees as we go forward into this new world balancing the safety of our volunteers and the desire to help those in need.

Donations are still urgently needed, and can be either dropped off at a specific address or picked up from your home, which ever is the easiest for you. Just contact us using the following email: – a mutually convenient time will be then be arranged.


Presbytery of Ayr Alternative Gift Scheme:

We are delighted with the response to the alternative gift scheme this year. You will remember the two gifts on offer were much needed seeds and fertiliser and solar lamps. The money for seeds and fertiliser will be sent to Malawi and distributed locally by the Presbyteries in Limphasa and Bandawe while the solar lamps will be delivered by the group from Ayrshire who will be visiting Malawi in May of this year. So far we have enough to send 559 packs of seeds and fertiliser and 250 solar lamps and we still look forward to adding to this total.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has publicised this scheme and who has contributed.

Happy New Month

So, New Month, New Year, New Decade – and, of course, New Political Situation!  As from 11pm last night, the UK is no longer part of the European Union.  Being one of those who voted to remain, I feel sad and frustrated.  But as there is, alas, nothing I can do to change the situation, I will turn my thoughts instead to two blessings of which I am reminded today.

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Do you like puzzles?

Do you like puzzles?: If so, please help me solve a mystery, so that I can send on a Christmas present to somebody’s disappointed grandchild! The details (with photos) are shown on my blog:-

If you don’t have a computer or smart phone, no worries! Just show this to someone who will get the (true) story for you on their device. Please let me know if you can think of a solution! Thanks, Kathleen Bates