Weekly prayers from 2020

Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 30th December 2020

Loving God, as we bring our prayers to You at the end of this year, we see at this time how everything has changed and is changing. Over the past year sadly, we realise everything has.

Caring Lord, as You know, people we thought were going to be there forever aren’t, and people we didn’t imagine we would be speaking with are now some of our closest friends. We do admit that life, as it is makes little sense, so we ask You to help us to continue to cope. We pray that in the weeks and months to come all our lives will improve slowly, and many situations will become memories.

Loving God, as we step in to the uncertain New Year we ask that You will walk closely with each one of us enclosing us in Your constant love supporting and assisting us to deal with whatever is Your will.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Heavenly Father, Through Your Son You understand the depths of pain and fear into which we are sometimes plunged. Walk closely with all who have faced bereavement, depression and despair. In our darkest and desperate moments help us not to become lost within ourselves, but to respond to the needs of those around us.

Let us remember now —— A little child, a shining star,

A stable poor, the door ajar

Yet in that place so crude and forlorn

The hope of all the world was born,


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 16th December 2020.

Loving God,

Today we bring our prayers to You for peace within ourselves, our families and friends, our neighbours, our community and certainly our world.

Heavenly Father at this time, let us close out the noise of everyday living and help us listen for Your voice as we take time to meditate quietly.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 9th December 2020

Compassionate and caring God, we bring to You thankful prayers for blessings we have in our lives. We remember family and friends with much concern, as we are unable to be close to them at the moment. We pray for each and every one, asking that You be near and keep them safe in your constant love.

We also bring to You the many who are working in various ways to help those who are ill or distressed. Guide those who are now involved in the ongoing vaccination programme and that all will go well as this progresses.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Gracious God,

We bring our prayers to You as we worship together in the season of advent. Let us remember at this time of longing to be with family and friends that if we have the opportunity to make people happy just do it. Sometimes others are struggling silently. Perhaps our acts of kindness can make a loving and special difference to their day, which will bring them true happiness.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 25th November 2020

Loving Lord, we give you thanks for the weeks that have gone by and ask your blessing on the days to come.

We pray, as always, for the many who are ill in any way, for their families and friends at this time of frightening uncertainty. We also bring all who care for others before You in our prayers.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 18th November 2020

Gracious God, we pray for Hope to light our pathway when the way ahead is dark. Faith to trust in things unseen and to know without a doubt, that it is in Your love we live and have our being. We ask for Love to see, to understand, and help all those in need now and always.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 11th November 2020

At this time we pray especially for all members of the Armed Forces as they go about their duties here and throughout the world. We remember also those who gave their lives over many years in past conflicts, and give grateful thanks for their brave endeavours as they strove for peace.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 4th November 2020

As our loving Lord has told us,

‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.’

We give thanks for all who by their acts of love and dedicated service to others are standing by their neighbours, and those in need, especially in these challenging days.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 28th October 2020

God of compassion, we pray for strength, understanding and caring in these difficult days.

We bring before You in prayer all who feel abandoned or isolated due to in the situation we are in. Help us in these sad times to be

good friends and neighbours, and that we may reach out in love to our community and beyond.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 21st October 2020

Loving God, we bring before You in prayer all who have been affected in any way by the Coronavirus Covid 19. We pray for those who have been infected, those who have been hospitalised, those who have lost loved ones. At this time of continued uncertainty we pray also for all who are caring for the many in need. We remember too families and friends that they may feel supported by our prayers.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 14th October 2020

Caring God, in this time of personal and national crisis we give thanks for Your presence with us. We put our trust in You. Give us a faith that will be an anchor, firm and secure, in the storms and uncertainties we are going through.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 7th October 2020

Loving Lord, at times we can be filled with doubt. We pray that You will strengthen our faith and trust. In You we see the fullness of righteousness, and we ask now that we may be helped to walk in Your ways.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 30th September 2020

Caring Lord, we ask You to give us the humility to learn from any bad decisions. We also give thanks that when we ask, You graciously give a fresh start after each mistake. Please help us to listen and be guided by Your wisdom.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Loving God, who always cares for each one of us, we thank You for the gift of sleep. We pray for those who find sleep difficult as we face more uncertainty in the weeks to come. We pray for understanding as some find it so upsetting as the nights are long at this time.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 16th September 2020.

God of compassion and wisdom, we bring our prayers to You asking for inspiration and guidance for all as we hope to move forward once again as a church family. Walk closely with us in the days and weeks to come as some may be able to come together and worship in a different way.


Prayer Thoughts – 9th September 2020

Father in heaven, we ask You to help and guide us through our complex and uncertain lives at this time with faith, grace and humility. We pray we may then be able to bring blessings wherever we go.


Prayer Thoughts for Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Caring & loving God, we ask you to be close to us as we may be approaching times of uncertainty once again.

In our darkest and most anxious moments, draw us out from getting lost within ourselves, and help us to respond to the needs of those around us.


Prayer Thoughts – 26th August 2020

Heavenly Father, through Your son You understand the depths of pain and sorrow into which we are sometimes plunged. We ask you to be with all those who have to face bereavement, perhaps depression and despair.

Loving Father we ask now that You will walk closely with all who are grieving and sad at this time . We pray for Your strength and constant love to be with each one.


Prayer Thoughts – 19th August 2020

Loving Lord, we bring our prayers to You in a world where life is far from normal. You are the One who is the same, yesterday today and always. We come to You, giving thanks that You have promised to be with us constantly. We pray at this time that You will guide, with your wisdom, the Church of Scotland and every congregation who look to you, day by day, to walk in Your ways.


Prayer Thoughts – 12th August 2020

Let nothing totally disturb us, let nothing totally dismay us, all things will pass. God never changes. Patience achieves all that is necessary. We who have God in our lives lack for nothing. God alone is our Saviour and Friend. He will never leave or forsake us.


Prayer Thoughts – Wednesday 5th August 2020

God of compassion and caring, be with all who seek you, throughout the world. We pray for those who are afraid and do not know what the next day will bring.

We ask you, in our prayers, to be especially close to families who are heartbroken at the loss of a loved one at this time, trusting that they will be aware of the strength of our prayers and feelings of concern.


Prayer Thoughts – 29th July 2020

Loving Lord, at times it is tempting to feel so low, especially when things are becoming very difficult. We ask You to help us not to dwell on past setbacks or mistakes but to start again today to look forward with hope and optimism into the future with our faith in You.


Prayer Thoughts – 22nd July 2020

Caring and compassionate Lord, we ask for your blessing on our political leaders, and each and every one of us. We pray that You will fill us all with the spiritual strength, humility and wisdom to act with sense and clarity. Let us contribute selflessly and tirelessly towards achieving calm in the lives of those who are particularly fearful and perhaps at risk at this time.


Prayer Thoughts – 15th July 2020

Heavenly Father, You are with us at all times, in sorrow, in sickness and in joy. We ask that You hold us in Your loving arms although the world feels full of sorrow and pain at times. We ask that You will support us in all that we face in the weeks and months to come.


Prayer Thoughts – 8th July 2020

Caring Lord, be close to all who struggle with the distress and difficulty of life at this time. Loving Heavenly Father we give grateful thanks that we have the security of your everlasting love. Help us to continue to learn the importance of talking to, as well as, listening to ourselves.


Prayer Thoughts – 1st July 2020

Loving God, You know how Your son Jesus also struggled with doubts and fears. Help us at such times as these to notice the things that really matter and give us hope for the future. We ask You now for guidance and wisdom in the days and weeks to come.


Prayer Thoughts – 24th June 2020

Caring and compassionate God, on this beautiful summer’s day we simply praise You and give grateful thanks for all that is good in our lives. We think of the warmth of the sunshine and the glory of the magnificent sunset. We also give You thanks for family and friends who have been separated from us due to this tragic Corona virus, which has affected us all in so many ways. We bring before You in our prayers those who are ill and those who care for them, asking that Your love surrounds each one today and always.


Prayer Thoughts – 17th June 2020

Loving Lord,

Each day is full of challenges and possibilities. Help us to believe that we are all capable of great achievements or little things. We pray that we can approach any difficulty, not as a cause of irritation and anger, but as a source of insight and strength.


Prayer Thoughts – 10th June 2020

We ask you, Loving God, to grant us the patience to do just what is required of us and to trust that You, in Your wisdom, will bring to realisation that which is already in Your mind and in Your heart.

In our prayers we also ask that You will help to strengthen each one of us at this time of concern for so many.


Prayer Thoughts – 3rd June 2020

Caring and compassionate God You have promised to hear us when we pray in faith. Help us to pray, simply and sincerely, unselfishly and gratefully, remembering the needs of others as well as our own, giving thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord. We bring before You now troubles throughout the world at this time, praying for those who have lost their lives and for those in control in every country.


Prayer Thoughts – 27th May 2020

Dear Lord, be with us today and go with us into what each day brings. Give us Your comforting presence in all that we do. As always, we thank You for all that is past and trust You for all that is to come. We ask Your blessing on each task we undertake.


Prayer Thoughts – 20th May 2020

Let us pray that all of us can find a way to speak today, and in the days to come, that will heal rather than hurt. May we use the power of speech with kindness and care. May we find the strength to make this a habit in our lives each and every day.


Prayer Thoughts – 13th May 2020

Caring and compassionate God may our prayers show, with Your help, that our days can be times of healing, belonging, laughter and love, through the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of our lives. We simply ask that You will walk closely with us day by day.


Prayer Thoughts – 6th May 2020

Let us remember that God wants us to pray, to spend time with Him. However hard prayer may seem at times, however reluctant we may be to pray, we must realise that our Loving Father has already poured the gift of prayer into our hearts. He loves us and asks nothing in return but our prayers and our love.


Prayer Thoughts – 29th April 2020

Loving God, we give grateful thanks for the many days we have enjoyed with blue skies and sunshine, which have made our lives more pleasant.

Caring God, You understand all and forgive all. Teach us not to dwell on the past or be filled with fear for the future but rather to live, to the best of our ability, in the present.


22 April 2020

Loving God, we give thanks that You are with us now. Still our fears and worries. Give us Your peace. Help us to trust You, as always, for everything that the future holds as nothing can separate us from Your love. We bring our prayer to You in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.


15 April 2020

Heavenly Father,

You know the mystery of life and death. You understand our great sadness. Give us the peace of Jesus in our hearts. Also give us courage to face our changed circumstances, and help us to put our faith in You for the future. We ask this in Your Dear Son’s Name.


Prayer Thoughts – 8 April 2020

We are now in the special time of Holy Week and Easter, but sadly we cannot worship together in our churches. As we think of others throughout the world, we bring them before our gracious God in prayer that He will be close to all. Our prayers are for the many affected by Coronavirus, and also for those who have lost loved ones within our own church family over the last days and weeks.

As we live in uncertain and challenging times here are some thoughts and prayers to help see us through.


Prayer Thoughts – 1 April 2020

As we come to the beginning of another month in this uncertain and concerning time, let us give thanks to our loving God for the great blessing of family and friends while we struggle with the totally unnatural way of daily life. We can be grateful also for the methods we now have of communication which bring us closer together each day.


Prayer Thoughts – 26 March 2020

Caring and compassionate God, we bring our deep concerns to You in prayer. We ask You to remain close to all at this time of great worry, with so many challenges facing those struggling to cope around the world. We pray with heartbreaking sadness for those who have died, for their families and friends, for the constant work and tireless efforts of medical staff and volunteers everywhere.