Men’s Club – Old Items

This is the older items from the Men’s Club:-

29 October 2023

We resumed again on Monday18th. September with a good turnout of members and had Brian McBride talking about Mission Aviation Fellowship. They are a large organisation flying medicines, medics and essential food to remote areas of countries with poor or no road access. They use small planes and land on roughly made runways which quite often have to be cleared of animals to allow the plane to land. They are so busy that a plane takes off every 4 mins nationwide. There is information in the front hall at the church.

He was followed by Alan Cameron talking about the Ayrshire Hospice new building, he was very informative and had plans and photos of the new extension. It was very impressive.

On Friday 13th October a group of 11 went to S.T.V. Studios in Glasgow. We were shown round the studios and saw the lunchtime news going out live. Everyone found it very interesting and enjoyed the visit.

Our next speaker was Robert Nimmo talking about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He is a very good speaker and interspaced his talk with jokes, we all learned a lot eg. to do a pilgrimage to have to walk at least the last 80 miles.

We have more good speakers lined up and our next outing will be to the Bagpipe Maker in Crosshouse next month.

Bill Trayner.    President.