Malawi Group

Ayr Presbytery has been promoting partnerships since 2006, between congregations in Ayr and Bandawe Presbytery, which is in the rural north of Malawi.

In 2011 our congregation was twinned with the congregation of Chintheche in Malawi.

Some group members have been corresponding with the minister, Rev Patrick Chirwa and Rev David Watson met him last May on the Presbytery’s last visit to Malawi.

Liz Sapawo is the chairperson of the Kovwana Widows Support Group . Liz raises funds for food, blankets, school fees, medical supplies etc.

Juliet Precious is contact person for the Tanjane Orphan Care Centre. She has about 160 orphans to feed.

We have held a ‘Malawi Sunday’ in the church for the past two years, to raise funds for Malawi. The money was sent to Rev Patrick and was divided between the Church, the orphan care centre, the widows group and the hospital.

Donations from our congregation, of clothing, knitted baby hats and blankets etc, have been sent out and distributed among the groups. So far 23 boxes have been sent.

The Malawi piggy bank (located opposite Bell room) collects any spare change including foreign coins left over from our holidays to help to raise funds.

We also have a notice board in the large hall, where photos from Malawi are displayed.