World Church Ecumenical Relations Team

The World Church/Ecumenical Relations Team oversees the external relationships which reflect our membership of the Church catholic and universal. This includes Prestwick Council of Churches, Christian Aid, Traidcraft, the Malawi Partnership Covenant, and any other World Church relationships which may develop.

Kingcase Parish Church is one of the seven member churches of Prestwick Council of Churches. The council seeks to promote Christian unity and ecumenical relationships within the town. At the moment this consists of sharing in Holy Week services and Easter events, as well as the annual Remembrance Service conducted at Prestwick Cross.

Christian Aid is very well supported in Kingcase and alongside the annual local house to house collection, volunteers are also involved in a united Christian Aid service, and other fundraising events each year.

The Malawi Partnership Covenant has been operating since 2011, and involves the members of Kingcase Church in a twinning arrangement with the folk of Chintheche Church, Northern Malawi in Africa. They live in an isolated part of Malawi where resources are scarce, in fact probably non-existent. They do not have access to superstores like we do and they have to rely on growing their own crops to give them food and buying a cow to give them milk and often the torrential rains and floods will wash their crops away, giving them little food to live on for a whole year.

Kingcase seeks to enable partnership projects that can become self-supporting. This has included aid to complete the building of a nursery school, and more recently a project to provide a maize mill.

An annual Malawi service is held on the last Sunday in August each year and other opportunities are provided during the year to enhance the partnership and the lives of our friends in Malawi.