Kingcase Parish Church – COVID 19 Update 19 June 2020

Many of you will be aware of the recent announcements by the Scottish government and so this update is let you know what is happening specifically about reopening our church, not only for worship, but also for funerals and marriage services. It is unlikely that we will be able to open our halls to previous regular users for some considerable time.

Before we can do anything we are obligated by the Church of Scotland to carry out a Risk Assessment process. That will clarify what is going to be possible within the social distancing measures, and will identify the hygiene and disinfecting practices that are going to have to be put in place to enable reopening. This is especially  important given the age profile of our congregation.

The Risk Assessment is based on a template provided by the Church of Scotland, and our Property Team supported by some of the Elders and others will have the responsibility of fulfilling this task. Once the Risk Assessment is complete it will be circulated to the members of the Session and they will decide based on that information what is going to be possible for us.

If the Kirk Session decides that the church can be reopened with various measures in place, then the next stage of the process is for us to seek the permission of the Presbytery of Ayr to reopen. That permission will only be given if we have been very thorough and produced a robust risk assessment.

Given all that is going to be involved, and the fact that many of our Property Team are shielding at the moment, it is likely to be nearer the Autumn before we are able to put everything in place.